CSS MPT Test Result 20 February 2022 online Check

CSS Screening Test Results 2022 was released on February 20th, 2022 (Sunday) The Answer Keys are now available on the internet. CSS Exam Results of MPT 2022 to be announced by FPSC on 7 March 2022. Screening tests for preparation to take the CSS Annual Completive Examination 2022 took place on February 20 by the Federal Public Service Commission Pakistan. Answer Keys for CSS MPT Paper  20 February 2022

The carbon version of the answer key was provided to candidates through the FPSC and they were advised to use the answer key in order to confirm their answers.

CSS MPT Test Result 2022

The site has been upgraded to incorporate an answer key to the CSS Test’s MPT Answer Key on the day the test is administered. students who completed the CSS Screening Test for the CSS Annual Examination will be able to immediately get the answer key for the test. Only one question out of 200 in the examination will get a score and no deductions in the event that the correct answer can be discovered on the first try.

MPT CSS Test Date

Candidates who are interested in CSS must submit an online application to take the MPT test between November 28 and December 15, 2022. A web-based CSS Registration link is given within this post. The MCQs-based preliminary test (MPT) Schedule was released by officials. You can view online by visiting this link.

How do you check and compare answers from today’s paper, completed by FPSC?

Here’s how you can test for your responses and check them to the Answer sheets that were returned to you following the exam.

Candidates are given an of the answers to the CSS MPT Screening Exam. It. It comprises two sheets of blue and pink. At the end of the exam, the pink exam sheet is handed to the staff responsible for invigilation. Federal Public Service Commission of Pakistan FPSC has conducted the screening test called MPT in the annual competitive examination CSS 2022 this day i.e. 20th February 2022.

Candidates can save the blue sheet to check their scores online, and to compare with the answers of the current CSS Screening Test 2022. The answer keys are available on the FPSC official website by evening.

Download Answer Keys for CSS MPT Paper 2022 held on 20 February 2022


CSS MPT Answer Key

According to the original notification of FPSC students will be provided with an exact Carbon copy of the answers sheet and can verify their answers using an answer sheet. The Answer Key of CSS MPTnswer Key for CSS MPT will be released on the exact date that the test will take place. Based on the questions paper an answer sheet will be released this evening in evening.

Official answer keys for CSS MPT has been published from FPSC, click the link below to download the document.

Each year FPSC organizes an annual written Competitive Examination nationwide.

This year, in accordance with the latest amendments made that was made by the federal government the screening test is being added. According to FPSC, this screening test is known as MCQ Based Preliminary Test (MPT).

MPT becomes in effect beginning CSS CE 2022 and onwards. Students who plan to take part in this year’s CSS must be able to pass the MPT test first. MPT is a compulsory Qualifying Test for appearing in Main Written CSS CE 2022.

CSS PMT Test Passing Marks:

The minimum score for passing is 33% or 66 points out of 200 marks. Additionally, it is crucial to point out that the score of the test is valid only in the year currently being taken i.e. 2022. It will not be considered in the overall score for determining the final merit score.


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