Revised PECA Ordinance 2022 PDF download

What Is PECA Ordinance In Pakistan

PECA ordinance 2022 pdf file is now has been updated recently on our website President Arif Alvi proclaimed on Sunday changed two laws that would get changes the Prevention of Electronic Crimes according to the Act, (PECA) 2016, and the Elections Act, 2017. The Revised PECA Ordinance 2022 PDF download right this page.

With the support of the Cabinet, the President ratified the two regulations, with progress being made in the Electronic Violations Act under the Prevention of Electronic Crimes (Amendment) Ordinance 2022.

Revised PECA Ordinance 2022 PDF download

According to PECA ordinance 2022 pdf By law, the meaning of “individual” is extended to include any organization, affiliation, foundation, association, authority, or any other. In addition, the “character” of any individual If convicted, the convict will be sentenced to five years instead of the current three.

The law also states the source of the complainant will be the “victim, his / her approved representative, or his / her guardian”, where such a person is a minor or a person belonging to the general public or a person holding a public office, this statement is also prescribed in PECA ordinance 2022 pdf.

What Is PECA Ordinance In Pakistan

All cases coming under PECA will be regulated by the High Court and in addition, the trial court will have to close the case within a year and a half.

The mandate said that “the court will definitely submit a progress report of any next preliminary one month to the concerned high court and will explain the motives behind the failure of the court to close it expeditiously”

Download PECA Ordinance 2022 PDF

In addition to sending the report to the High Court, a copy of the Advance Report will be sent to the Law Secretary, assuming that the case is also registered in the Islamabad Capital Territory. In any case, in the event of a lawsuit being filed in an area, copies of the report must be submitted to the “Common Secretaries of the Judicial Divisions, the Investigating General or the Assistant General”.

The law allows the High Court to issue “new courses of events” in a case, assuming that it treats it as a “reason” given by the trial court to be “understandable” and to control it. PECA ordinance 2022 pdf file is also attached for more detail The law involves the High Courts bringing in bureaucrats or ordinary government officials in order to remove any “difficulties, obstacles, and barriers” that may arise in this situation.

Assuming that the law secretary sees that a case has been adjourned because of a “directing officer or any of its employees”, at that time, he can enlighten the High Court. Assuming that the High Court believes that the delay in removing the preliminary is incomprehensible by the administrative officer of the court or any other judicial staff, they may then initiate the necessary “appropriate disciplinary proceedings directly”. PECA ordinance 2022 pdf can be also downloaded using different browsers. In addition, the mandate enables the central equity of the High Court to select the designated authority with different officials.


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