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Draw No 14 Rs 25000 Premium Prize Bond Result Peshawar 10 June 2024

Rs 25000 Premium Prize bond check online

National Savings Pakistan Prize Bond result for the year 2024 will start from 01 January 2024 to 10 December 2024. The prize Bond list is accessible for denominations of PKR 100, 200, 750, 1500, 7500, 25000 Premium, and 40,000 Premium Prize Bond from January to June.

Draw Rs.25,000 Premium Prize Bond Result Check online

Draw # 14 Rs.25,000 Prize Bond List Result 10-06-2024 Peshawar

The people who have invested in bonds should check the prize bond draw no 4 of Rs.25000 premium prize bond results 2024. Draw number 10 of the Rs.25000 premium will be held in Peshawar on 10th June 2024. People can visit the official website to online check the full denomination list of the Rs.25000 premium prize bond.

The prize bond 25000 premium results for the year 10-June-2024 and according to the representative of National Savings officially the 1st prize of the prize bond 25000 premium worth will be Rs.30,000,000 given to the single winner while the second prize of the prize bond 25000 premium worth Rs.10,000,000 shall be given to 5 lucky winners and the third prize of the prize bond 25000 will be given to 700 participants for Rs.300,000/- each.

Bond Worth

City NameDate First Prize Second Prize Third Prize
Rs 25,000 PKRPeshawar10-06-202430,000,000 PKR10,000,000 PKR

300,000 PKR

Prize Bond draws are held each quarterly. As per the schedule of the National Saving the Prize result, prize bond check, the Prize Bond Draw is held in various cities of Pakistan. Each Prize Bond has three prizes for all prize bond Denominations of Rs. 100, 200, 750, 1500, 7500, 15000, 25000, and 40,000 Premium prize Bond draw plan. The National Savings Pakistan has introduced this prize bond for ordinary citizens of Pakistan.

How to online prize bond check:

It’s very easy and simple to check prize bond result 2024, simply you need just a prize bond serial number that is printed on the corner of every prize bond. You have an internet connection to check results online.

Rs, 25000 Premium prize bond full list 2024:

National Savings Pakistan Prize Bond result 25,000 Premium prize bond full result 2024 has been refreshed first result 25,000 Premium prize bond will be on 10 June 2024 for a complete detailed checklist given below.

Rs. 25000 Premium Prize bond check online:

Good and latest news for all of the people who are holding up their prize bond result now they can visit our website for the latest updates and for Prize bond check online, the latest news concerning Prize bond is available here.

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The list of prize bonds for the year 2024 is currently accessible for every one of the people who are looking for a refreshed rundown They can search their number for checking Prize bond result 2024 details at www.biseonline.pk.

Those inverters who are sitting tight for Prize bond draw plan 2024 need not be stressed on the grounds that the refreshed rundown has been uploaded on our website.

Rs.25000 Premium Prize Bond Schedule 2024


Bond Worth



City Name




3Rs.2500015September 10, 2024


4Rs.2500016December 10, 2024


Search Online Rs.25,000 prize bond list June 2024 Peshawar

How to Claim on winning Rs.25,000 Prize Bond:

You can guarantee your successful prize within a long time from the date of the draw. You will need to give amazing prize security for this cycle and your CNIC to the National Savings Center or State Bank of Pakistan. However, due to the late claim of the total reward, some commitment amounts will be deducted from the prize money you win with this security. This acceptance depends on whether you are a filer or a non-filer.

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Rs 25000 Prize Bond List Peshawar Draw#14 10 June 2024

               DRAW OF Rs.25000/- Denomination Premium Prize Bonds (Registered)

				 HELD AT Peshawar
Draw No. 14th									

Series:	Common Draw					Date: 10/06/2024


First Prize of Rs. 30,000,000/-

000000 000000

Second Prize of Rs.10,000,000/- Each

000000 000000 000000 000000 000000

HELD ON 10-06-2024 AT SBP BSC Peshawar
(700 Prizes of Rs.300,000/- Each)												

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