Aneeqa Atiq 26 Year Old Woman blasphemy Case

A Rawalpindi court for anti-cybercrime has sentenced a 26-year-old woman Aneeqa Atiq to the death penalty for blasphemy. Aniqa Atiq was also sentenced to 24 years imprisonment and a Rs 200,000 fine. Aneeqa Atiq FIA ​​Cyber ​​Crime blasphemy

Why Aneeqa Atiq charged with blasphemy?

Aneeqa Atiq was charged with blasphemy over several social media sites including Facebook and WhatsApp. This was proven in court proceedings. Yesterday, Judge Adnan Mushtaq from the Anti-Cyber Crime Court Rawalpindi rendered the reserved judgment.

Aneeqa Atiq was charged in the FIA Cyber Crime Wing Rawalpindi, on May 13, 2020. She was accused of blasphemy. Raja Imran Khalil Advocate represented the plaintiff in this case. Raja Imran Khalil, a lawyer for the plaintiff, stated that Aneeqa Atiq had made sketches of religious figures in this case and then posted her status to WhatsApp. Hasnat Farooq was one of those to whom the material was sent. He filed a Cyber Crime Wing case against him. Was registered.

Aniqa Atiq blasphemy and insulting material:

Aniqa Atiq provided a 36-page chat, which contained insulting material, and other documents to the court. Aniqa Atiq’s laptop, mobile SIM, mobile memory card, router, and USB drives were also seized. The technical analysis report, digital forensic report, and all other technical evidence were presented during the case.

The detailed verdict states that Aniqa Atiq was charged with using sketches of the Prophet of Islam to update her status on WhatsApp. She also shared other sketches and YouTube links that contained offensive material with the plaintiff. After the case was registered with the FIA, the court recorded statements by the investigating officers. They confirmed these statements.

Aniqa Atiq also stated that Aniqa Atiq and two foreigners were playing with the plaintiff while she was playing PubG. The plaintiff presented himself as a religious man, and he deliberately provoked him into doing different things. Aniqa Atiq stated that she was born to a Muslim family and that her marriage was to a Muslim couple.

They can’t even consider blasphemy. If they are insulted inadvertently or at the request of another person, they should ask God for forgiveness. The court ruled that the accused didn’t provide any evidence during her defense.

Aniqa Atiq FIA Court Fine Detail:

After verifying all evidence, Aniqa Atiq was sentenced to death under Section 295 C of the Pakistan Criminal Code and an Rs. 50,000, 10-year imprisonment, and Rs. Below 298-A: Three years imprisonment and an Rs. 50,000.

Hasnat Farooq was a friend who suggested she delete the photos. Instead, she apparently sent the same images to him via the app. He filed a complaint to the Pakistan Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) regarding cybercrime.

According to some sources, the young man was interested in the young woman but was rejected by her family. He used the photos as a pretext for his revenge.

The defendant, Hasnat Farooq (an online game called PubG), sent sensitive religious material through the internet to Hasnat Farooq. He described himself as a religious man who didn’t like the young woman’s “provocations”.

He began to collect evidence and gave it to the police when he filed the complaint. He also posted offensive and sensitive material to YouTube.

Advocate Raja Imran Khalil stated that the accused also had contact with an Indian citizen during this case. However, this could not be confirmed fully and it is possible this includes anti-national elements. An attempt was made to reach the Aneeqa Atiq family but they were not reached.

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