NADRA Biker Service 1777 In Pakistan

NADRA Biker Service Helpline Number

NADRA Biker Service in Pakistan 1777 has been released in Pakistan. This NADRA Biker Service 1777 in Pakistan facility is first available in the dual cities of Rawalpindi/Islamabad. If you are unable to go to the NADRA office due to a busy schedule then this NADRA motorbike carrier is available at your doorstep. Just simply make a call away, and a representative of NNADRA will be at your location.

NADRA Biker Service 1777 in Pakistan

During a further briefing, NADRA Chairman informed the Home Minister that more than 37 million people have been severely affected due to floods and incessant rains. The NADRA Biker Service 1777 in Pakistan will very help full for those who are much busy with their work and could not visit the NADRA Office.

NADRA Biker Service Helpline Number

The provider was released on the order of Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah, he discussed the important points for which the service of Nadra Biker Carrier in Pakistan 1777 at your home is useful. Candidates can make an appointment at NADRA Biker Service Helpline Number (+92 51 111 786 100. Here you can get all information and detail about NADRA Biker Service 1777 in Pakistan right on this page.

Tariq Malik advised the Minister that once virtual online services are launched for residents, a fully home-based Nadra Biker carrier is essentially a transportable Nadra Center aimed at people’s lounges and Sign up at their premises. The problem of going to NADRA Center Through this career, women registration officers can carry out the registration of women in the most effective way using Scots.

NADRA Biker Service 1777 Process

The NADRA Biker Service 1777 Process and fee schedule are given below.

  • The applicants need to make an appointment through NADRA Call Center at 1777
  • Then the applicant will receive a text message for confirmation
  • The NADRA Registration representative will visit the place according to your choice.
  • The applicant will have to pay Rs. 1000/- services charges in addition.
  • The Registration Documents after the compaction of all processes will be delivered to the home address.

NADRA Biker Home Services

NADRA Biker Home Services is now active to provide a computerized national identity card (CNIC) renewal and amendment system at the doorstep of the majority. NADRA Biker Carrier has been launched as a pilot assignment by the Government of Pakistan from Islamabad and Rawalpindi so that it can be scaled up and accelerated across Punjab. If you have any questions about NADRA Biker Service 1777 in Pakistan then you can leave a comment below.

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