How To Register OEC Apply Online Registration 2024

OEC Apply Online Registration 2024

Here we will tell you How To Register OEC Apply Online Registration 2024, Domestic helpers and other Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) require an Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC), an exit clearance certificate, to leave the Philippines and work abroad. Thanks to this document, they can avoid paying the terminal charge and travel tax at the airport, which also serves as a record of OFWs’ departure and confirms them as legitimate workers abroad. It also makes it less expensive for them to find work.

How To Register OEC Apply Online Registration 2024

The OEC is valid for 60 days after issuance, or 1 day if it is issued from the Labor Assistance Counter (LAC) at NAIA, Cebu-Mactan, or Davao International Airport. Each OEC is only good for exiting the Philippines.

OEC Apply Online Registration 2024

Step 1: Register/log in to the system

Domestic helpers must have an account on the Balk-Mangagawa online processing system to submit an OEC application.

Step 2: Schedule an appointment online

Using the platform, select Online Appointment. Choose the place of work as well as the day and hour. Before leaving, applicants can make an appointment at the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) in Hong Kong.

Step 3: Go to the appointment and get OEC

Bring the following paperwork with you to your appointment.

  • Schedule Sheet (2 Copies)
  • Employment contract notarized (1 copy)
  • Work Permit (Original plus 2 copies)
  • Philippine Passport (original plus 2 copies)
  • OWWA membership fee receipt

If you are worried about How To Register for OEC Apply Online Registration 2024 then you need not worry because I have told you all information and detail about all this information.

How Do I Register With OEC

  • Visit the Official website, If you are a new user, sign up for the system by selecting the Sign Me Up button and entering your personal email address.
  • Log in as a user who is already registered.
  • If records are discovered, update your personal information, contact details, and beneficiaries as needed.

How Can I Get OEC BM Online

Sign up for Balik Mangagawa, At POEA’s online site, all OFWs must first register for the Balik Mangagawa (BM) processing procedure.

Make an appointment with OEC online.

Be present for the meeting.

How Can I Make An Appointment For OEC Online

Getting your OEC just got easier! Just visit to schedule an appointment or claim your discount! Information for OFWs from Italy: The only Filipino immigrants who are required to obtain an OEC are those who have a Permit to Stay for Work

How Much Is The Fee For OEC

The fee is 100 PHP for a valid work visa, OWWA membership fee receipt, and a copy of their employment contract will be needed for processing the OEC.

Online Registration

If you have any issues about How To Register OEC Apply Online Registration 2024 , How much is the fee for OEC , or How can I get OEC BM online then you can leave a comment in the below section.


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