Electricity Bill Relief Package 2023 complete Detail

LESCO Relief Package on Electricity 2023If you hear that the government is providing a unique relief package on your electricity bill, don’t be alarmed. This is not incorrect information. For three months in a row, Pakistan’s government has announced a help package for electricity consumers during the winter months.

The government has announced a Rs 3.5 per unit subsidy on electricity bills from November-December to March-April. The news is out with a notification that a statement of the relief package will soon be published in the official gazette.

However, many citizens may not benefit from this relief package as it does not cover all of Pakistan’s regions. The notification states that residents of the four provinces, Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Jammu Kashmir will be offered energy subsidies. However, it specifically mentions Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad and Islamabad as the cities that are eligible to receive these subsidies

. You may pay your Bykea invoice using Bykea. The official news of the electricity tariff relief package from IESCO, LESCO, QESCO, SEPCO, HESCO and MEPCO will be announced.

The discount option or a reduction on your electricity bill will be available. I believe that no one of you understands what is said in the LESCO advertisement regarding different unit applications. There will be no fuel adjustment, and extra costs won’t apply during the time period when you can use units for free.

QESCO Relief Package on Electricity 2023 Complete detail

SEPCO Relief Package on Electricity 2023 Complete detail

MEPCO Relief Package on Electricity 2023 Complete detail


HESCO Relief Package on Electricity 2023 Complete detail in Urdu online

Current Electricity Tariff 2023 Detail

new electricity tariff 2023 in pakistan august september

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