6th September 1965 Defence Day Essay & History

6th September 1965 Defence Day Essay & History : September 6, 1965 is the most important day in our military history.  This day reminds us of the days of the September War when the armed forces of Pakistan and the entire nation defended their freedom and national dignity against Indian aggression.  On that day, brave Pakistani citizens showed unprecedented solidarity with their armed forces and this war was the joint effort of Pakistani and armed forces which will continue to serve as a torch for future generations.

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6th September 1965 Defence Day Essay & History

 On the morning of September 6, 1965, India attacked Pakistan.  It was his intention that he would have his breakfast at the Gymkhana in Lahore.  In fact, September 6 is a milestone in our national history.  On or about September 6, when our minds begin to relive this historic battle, we see how our cowardly, insidious and cowardly enemy, displaying his traditional cowardice, attacked our beloved country in the dark of night was  On this occasion, our awakened nation showed an unprecedented display of national unity and destroyed the evil ambitions of the enemy.

What is National Defence Day?

When the Indian political leadership saw that Kashmir was slipping away, in order to end the pressure on its army, without declaring war, it crossed the international border of Pakistan on the southern front of Kashmir and attacked Lahore with full force.  The Indian plan included breakfast in Lahore and drinking at the Gymkhana Club.  When the attack happened, the Pakistani army and Rangers started fighting the religion with full courage and bravery.

Army soldiers and officers have sacrificed their lives to defeat the enemy.  The encounter of the Indian 15 Division in front of Batapur while marching towards T Road Lahore is a part of history.  The Pakistan Air Force immediately launched an attack on the enemy’s vehicles and soldiers.  The T-road props ran away leaving the dead bodies and the start vehicles.  Damaged vehicles and wreckage were seen everywhere.  The Pakistan Air Force had attacked so fiercely that they could not find a way to reach any shelter by crossing the road.

At the same time, the Pakistani army counter-attacked with such lightning speed that the Indian army was easily misled.  In the battle of Lahore, the Indian army tried to cross the canal by exerting strong pressure at the important point of Barki, but the company of Major Aziz Bhatti Nishan Haider surrounded them in the flames of gunpowder.  Major Aziz Bhatti was fighting relentlessly until he was martyred by a tank shell. Here you can get 6th September 1965 Defence Day Essay & History in JPG format.

6th September 1965 Defence Day Essay & History 

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What is Defence Day 6 September?

If you are looking for What is Defence Day 6 September? In Pakistan, Defense Day is recognized across the country as a day to remember the sacrifices made by Pakistani troops in protecting their borders. If you want to know What is national Defence day? then you can read the complete article here. Hopefully, you got the 6th September 1965 Defence Day Essay & History right on this page.

Importance of Defence Day

The importance of defence day in Pakistan is admirable its an important day in the history of Pakistan This day is also known as Defence Day in Pakistan. At the present time, how the foot soldiers have to defend our border from the Indian Army is of great importance.

06 September Defence Day Essay

I have written the article on September 6 Defense Day we tried to tell the Importance of Defence Day. In this article, I would like to tell you the importance of 06 September Defence Day Essay on this page.

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